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For now, Damaris is happy sitting on my bed, cleaning her tiny little toes, but I know in the blink of an eye she will be graduating from high school and planning her life! I can honestly say that I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment with each of my kids. To tell you the truth, having Kimberly leave home to start her new life has really been an eye-opener for me. It feels like just yesterday when she was sitting on my bed, cleaning her tiny little toes.....boy does it go by fast!


01/07/2013 10:12am

I love this and all of your newest posts! Time really does fly by, and I only see that with my oldest being 6-I can't imagine how I'll feel when she is 18. What a blessing to truly be enjoying it and not just letting it all fly by. I love those little Damaris toes! Love you all! XO


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